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†† While reading this article, please keep in mind it is intended to help each one of us to understand the causes of todayís problems, and to plan for the next life, and to produce people in it with world peace empathy, so we as a Nation, as an Earth can achieve world peace.We all share some of the blame for our worldís current situation, either actively or passively.Itís no oneís fault, many of us have been corrupted during childhood by sex.Our problem is that many of the people in the world have been exposed to sex (orgasm) before the development of their sexual orientation and the development of crushes or soon after. This has impaired their ability to develop empathy.

Road to World Peace

†††† World Peace can be achieved within 50 to 100 years if we start today, possibly sooner if we all agree today to prepare for the next life.†† What is wrong with our society today? We have huge debt, corrupt governments, world-wide terrorism, and wars in the Mideast and in Eastern Europe, nuclear proliferation, and global warming. Societies are bent on creating super smart children so they can control technology. We are putting our children last on the list of priorities and placing a huge debt and knowledge burden on them. At our present pace, we will see nuclear war and possibly the end of our world within 50 to 100 years, and maybe sooner.We are currently at an unknown cross road. In order to fix these issues, all of us need to act today or in the near future. We must put everything on the table, and that includes religion, culture, education, government, raising children, and economic theory. We need to go to one world.We need to have a unified religion, based on what we know. We need to have a common cause. Our leaders need to remember that leadership is top Ė down, but world peace is bottom-up. In order to achieve world peace, the overwhelming majority of the people on this planet need to be in a loving relationship and in love. Our mission in life is to contribute to society and to help raise our children and their children until our last dying breath.Death, when a person can no longer contribute and does not want to continue, can be reason for celebration. The celebration of a mission well done, a life well lived, and the beginning of a new life. It is not too late for redemption.Donít try to save face in this life. God will know. This writing should be read and understood by all adults and those just entering adulthood. The knowledge in this article is needed in order to produce adults with world peace empathy.

The proof of the existence of God

†† Letís suspend for a moment what our religious beliefs are. The Good Book needs to be a book for its times. Religion needs to keep pace with science.There is no question; we are not on this planet by accident. If we were to take the latest model car and take it apart and put those parts into a giant blender and spin for millions, billions, and trillions of years, we would never get a functioning automobile. Why? Too much has to happen in order for the automobile to be built by accident.If you consider the human body, mankind has never developed anything as complex and with the kind of functionality that all humans are blessed to have. There are no peoples from this planet that know how the entire human body works.The DNA molecule, the fundamental building block of life on this planet, is actually a complex, biological mini-computer.The genes are the dip switches.Who makes computers?Engineers do.We did not happen by accident, we were lovingly engineered. We were created by God. It has to be science. If it were magic, there would no reason to solve our own problems.

†††† This is the proof of the existence of God.What was the great gift God gave to all of us?Well besides life itself, God gave us the ability to form life-long, loving bonds and to produce children we love. God also gave us the gift of living life over and over again Ė reincarnation. All children born today have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.The key to this happiness is to protect the child from harmful influences and to find that child their life-long, loving partner when they are mature enough. We need to educate them on how to have a successful relationship built on love, respect, and trust. This is not as hard as it sounds.

What does God want us to do?

††† God wants us to establish his kingdom on Earth; itís called Heaven on Earth. God wants us to protect our children. God wants us to populate our galaxy full of people with world peace empathy. But we canít do this until we put our own house in order.†† We need to show diversity.†† All the cultures and races need to prosper, and this does not mean they need to urbanize. God has given us everything we need to solve our own problems.And any problems we canít solve, God will solve for us, if we are worthy. God has the same problem that many famous people have; they are often misrepresented by their agents or those claiming to be their agents. God has loaned us this planet and we have not been making the payments on it.Heaven is not a free ride, you have to work in Heaven. Your reward is those tender, private moments with the love of your life or the precious moments with your children. Does God need to send another Savior or Messiah? No, we can all be Saviors to our children.

We as a people lack world peace empathy

†††† What is wrong with us? Well, many of us, as children have been corrupted by sex. Weíve been exposed to sex before our sexual orientation has been developed or just after it has been developed. This is preventing us from forming true, loving bonds. Since the 1960ís at least 3 of the Presidents of the United States had shown signs of being severely corrupted by sex.These men lacked world peace empathy.Their empathy development for the unseen, unknown person was seriously stunted. This led to the Vietnam War, rampant drug use, and other crimes and corruptions.Many of our leaders today lack world peace empathy. This is why we cannot solve todayís wars, economic crisisís, ecological problems, and governmental corruptions.Unless we develop people and leaders with world peace empathy, we are unlikely to fix any of these issues. We are running out of time.†† On our present course we will destroy the world we live in.

Purpose of Sex

Sex is a gift God gave to all of us.There are three main purposes of sex.

1)††††††† For adults, and those entering adulthood to maintain good mental and physical health.

2)††††††† To create and maintain life-long, loving bounds, primarily between a committed man and woman. Sex can be a religious experience if it is done with your life-long, loving parther.

3)††††††† For loving couples to procreate and produce children they love.

Exposure to sex prior to the development of sexual orientation and the development of crushes stunts the development of empathy.We need to manage the sex lives of our children.The first part of this consists of keeping our children naÔve about sex (orgasm) as long as possible. We must protect our children from exposure to sexual and violent influences.The 2nd part of this consists of educating our children about sex when their bodies are mature enough. At the right time, we need to teach them about masturbation and help them find their life-long, loving partner. We need to teach them how to have a loving relationship. We must keep a childís world small. The first 15 years of a childís life should be dedicated to teaching them the basic 3Rís. The next three years should be dedicated to learning how to be a decent human being, and to help them find their life-long, loving partner, and how to have a relationship with their partner.Once the sexual orientation is firmly in place, the young adult should be told to protect their sexual orientation and not to experiment with sex.

†† Sex, if not properly managed, can be a corrosive, corruptive, and destructive force in the development of our lives (WAR, CORRUPTION). How can we protect our children?We have to have separate cable TV, separate internet access for our children, which should be managed by schools. We also need to constantly monitor our children during their lives, to prevent them from being exposed to corrupting influences. This is not as hard as it sounds.

Childhood issues

†† It is my theory that most of the serious childhood maladies are the result of exposure to sex before sexual orientation development.These maladies include behavioral problems, rebellion, attention deficit disorder, obesity, drug and alcohol abuse, bulling, committing crimes, committing sexual crimes on other children, introducing other children to sex.†† Sexually naÔve children are more likely to listen to their parents and respect their elders. Many of adult societal maladies are the result of exposure to sex before development of sexual orientation and the development of crushes. This exposure causes the following adult maladies: divorce, affairs, greed, crime, sexual assault, unhappy marriages, children out of wedlock, unloved children, alcohol and drug abuse, megalomania, racism, and war. A CEO without world peace empathy is more likely to pollute our environment and our bodies for profit. A President of a nation without world peace empathy is more like to start war for profit to please their cronies.

The development of empathy should occur throughout life.However in many of us this development has been severely stunted.

Here are some of the states of empathy development:

Empathy for Self Ė this occurs in infants and small children.Itís based on the need principal.A baby in need of food or a diaper change will cry until their mother takes care of their needs.If empathy is stunted at this stage you will be self-centered. This state could be called empathy-less state.

Empathy for a care giver Ė this occurs in small children. Itís based on the need principal. We care for those who help us.

Empathy for our family Ė this occurs because of the relationships established with our family and the enjoyment we get from them. If empathy is stunted at this state you will suffer from nepotism.

Empathy for our friends - this occurs because of the relationships established with our friends and the enjoyment we get from them.†† If empathy is stunted at this state you will suffer from cronyism.

Empathy for strangers first occurs when we develop a crush.For males this is usually someone we donít even really know.We see this person and we just like them. For the male this also occurs at the birth of his child.

Empathy for the unknown, unseen person: At this stage you have reached world peace empathy. This is our goal.

Development of Empathy

††† In a child as in an adult empathy is learned by observation, action and reactions of others. A child observes the actions of others and the reactions.††It is my theory that when a child is exposed to sex at an early age, they stop observing the actions and reactions of others. They develop their own agendas, believing they are adults now.Their empathy development is stunted.Once you are exposed to sex and you know what an orgasm is, you want to have sex with others. You go on the hunt. Sex before sexual orientation development and the development of crushes stunts the development of empathy and can have the following lasting detrimental effects.

        Prevents the development of crushes, which prevents the person from falling in love.This will prevent the development of world peace empathy.

        Prevents the person from falling in love with a member of the opposite sex.

        Person become selfish, self-centered and in a male child, penis centric, and orgasmic centric.

        The male will not become attracted to the mature, natural female form.

        The person will not learn to take cues from the body as to when to have sex. This could lead to the desire to have sex all the time (Sex addiction).

        This could cause the person to suffer from cronyism. They will have a hard time developing empathy for the complete stranger or the unknown, unseen person.If this person becomes a world leader this can cause WAR and Poverty.

        Prevents the natural development of sexual orientation.

        Artificial homosexuality or asexuality or target less, loveless sexuality.

        Premature maturing of the brain and body.

        ††††Leads to a promiscuous life style.


        ††Inability to respect the opposite sex.

        †††††Depression, you must be consistent with your sexuality!!!.

        Development of Pedophile. If you have sex as a child, you will have sex with other children and as an adult you will continue to have sex with children.

        Difficulty incorporating (10) commandments into their lives.

Natural Development of Sexual Orientation (from the male perspective)

†† This occurs when the person (sexually naÔve) develops a semi-permanent attraction to a member of the opposite sex or in rare cases to the same sex. This process should start occurring at the age of 10, 11, or 12. This is when the first development of a crush occurs. At first this orientation could be on the same sex, an older person, but given time it will in most cases migrate to the opposite sex. The male will usually develop a crush on one girl at a time.

Since we are supposedly the high order species on this planet, Nature (God) requires that we spend a lot of time nurturing our children.In our society, you are not considered an adult until you are 18 or 21.Even at that age, most of us are not self-sufficient. Nature requires that most people be heterosexual, so the species can continue.Since our children donít become self-sufficient until they are in their -20ís and possibility 30ís, and even later, Nature requires that both parents be in love so both will continue to equally contribute to the raising of their children. Our roles as parents are to blaze the trail of life.We need to continue to mentor our children and their children, until our last dying breath. Now that does not mean we need to live with them 24 x 7 for the rest of our lives, but we need to continue to mentor and support them into their adulthood.

Development of Sexual Orientation and the development of crushes does not mean the child knows anything about sex or the orgasm. The child should still be naÔve about sex and the orgasm and will be if protected. Development of sexual orientation just means the child likes a particular person of a particular sex.In the male, this means he likes a certain girl. He doesnít know why. He likes the way she looks, her face.Since this starts occurring at 11-12 the female body is not fully developed yet, there is nothing sexual about this development. Development of crushes is not just for children, development of crushes can occur throughout the life of an unattached, male, whose sexual orientation developed thru natural means. It has to be this way; we canít all be born with PHDís in human psychology and biology.It is very important for a male child to develop a crush because it is the beginning of his development of loving thoughts for another human being. It is the beginning of his knowledge and appreciation of the concept of Love  These are his first, big steps down the road to world peace empathy.

Sex, the process that has corrupted us, is the same process that can help us achieve world peace empathy and to help put us on the road to achieving world peace.

Sex is a very power force in our lives. This is especially true with young males.Sex is the process that can help create and maintain life-long, loving bonds between a young man and woman, by providing mutual pleasure.The goal is to keep the male child naÔve about sex until their bodies are mature enough for sex to commence.For a male child you could probably get to age 16 before he discovers masturbation and the orgasm.

The first part of this is to allow the development of sexual orientation to occur naturally. Protect the child from sexual and violent influences.Let the male develop a friendship with the girl he has a crush on. This young girl should consent of course.Young girls need to make a practical decision on whom they will have a relationship with.This should occur at the age of 13, 14, and 15. Keep in mind, the male child is still naÔve about sex and the orgasm. Let this friendship grow for a few years.Then when the male is ready to start having sex, getting erections, and in order to prevent the creation of bizarre fetishes, he should be taught about masturbation and the orgasm. He needs to be instructed how to do it, and how often to do it. He needs to get permission from his parents, primarily his MOTHER. Children who discover sex need to be educated about the male and female reproduction system and the dangers of promiscuous sex.††† This education needs to include the following:

        The proper size of the sex organs.

        How often sex should occur between two loving people.

        How to have sex.

        How to pleasure their partners thru massage

        The use of birth control

        Venereal disease.

        The Importance of family planning and the sanctity of life.

        Most importantly how to have a loving relationship built on respect and trust.

Once two young people are paired up, they cannot break up so easily. Their dates need to be shaparoned.†† Naturally care needs to be given before match making. This is where the parents, mainly the mothers come into play. They should observe the class room and see who in the school their male and female children are interested in, and who their children have crushes on. Before paring, measurements need to be taken to make sure they can have missionary position sex (important for young couples). Should this couple get together, no intercourse should occur until they are at least 18 years old and their relationship is strong. Any relationship problems should be worked out between the young couples, their families, and teachers. The mothers need to play a huge role in teaching the young couple how to have a loving relationship.

The greatest gift parents can give to their children is to allow their bodies and sexual orientations to develop naturally without corruption and to help find their children their life-long, loving partners and to help these couples discover the joys of sex with each other. This is a Great Gift. When a young couple falls in love empathy development will grow exponentially in all directions. ††The development of the (10) commandments are already built into every child, if you protect that child from harm and get them into a loving relationship.The pleasure the young male receives will help him form a strong, life-long, loving bond with the young female he has a crush on. At first this will be a physical attraction, but over time, this will transform love beyond the physical attraction. The male will grow to appreciate what his partner does and has done for him. The maleís sexual tastes will mature with age, so the attraction will still be there. This loving couple will also experience a huge boost in empathy development in all directions with the birth of each child.

Why is important for a young man to get into a loving relationship as soon as he is mature enough?

So his woman, future wife, can continue to help in his empathy development. A woman will always be closer to her mother than anyone else; this because the mother has to hone her daughterís nurturing instincts. A mother should be close to her son but not so close.The mother needs to find her son her replacement.†† Itís important for the man to be closer to his wife than anyone else. This is because they both need to raise their children for the rest of their lives.Young women are always ahead of the empathy game due to their closeness to their mothers and their natural nurturing instincts. ††Itís the manís wife that helps complete his empathy development. She will smooth his rough edges. Together they will both journey down the road to world peace empathy. This process will take a lifetime.

Why is it important for the woman to marry a man into her, even though at first she does not love him?

We need to go to a mother-centric family.The mother is the most important person in the family. Why? She takes care of everyone.The mistake some women make is that they marry men that they are into and they should marry men who are into them.The woman is the garden; she must find a farmer who wants to work her fields.†† Most importantly, the woman needs to complete the manís development; this can only occur if the man loves her.Yes, God put women on this planet for the pleasure of men, and men are supposed to love, honor, and cherish their women. The man is supposed to help the woman raise, and I am compelled to say her children.After all itís her garden.The home is the womanís office. What does a woman get when she marries a man who is into her? She gets his love and devotion. He will love her children. Over time the woman will grow to love her man. What is in it for the man? Being with someone he really loves. It must be this way in order to produce children on the road to world peace empathy.In order to keep population stable I recommend two children per family.

What is the result of getting our children into loving relationships a soon as they are mature enough?

You will find that these couples will start planning their lives together.They will take their school work more seriously and start planning for careers. They will mature faster.Most importantly, they will love, and protect their children throughout their lives, and they will continue to developer empathy for others. Their children will become the leaders filled with world peace empathy that will eventually solve the worldís problems. †††

What does naÔve about sex mean?

  The terms heterosexual, homosexual, gay, straight, bisexual, abortion, divorce, orgasm, and sex are not part of the vocabulary of a child. They should not hear these words either.I think one of the big mistakes weíve made is to give our children the idea that being gay or straight is a 50 -50 proposition. Clearly it is not. ††In the childís world men and women get married. GOD puts the baby in the motherís body. We need to do this to prevent confusing all the heterosexual children.Children are not to be told about sex or the orgasm.Separate radio, cable, dictionaries, and internet are to be set up solely for children.Parents of children should have a special room in their homes for adult cable and internet, which should be  activated by palm print.


  †For children, the concept of homosexuality is an advanced topic, college level.Sexual orientation should complete its development in the early teens.However every child is different. Medicine is not an exact science. Some children may need more time for the sexual orientation to develop.This could be due to medical reasons, possibly a hormone is not being secreted. Another possibility is that the child has been exposed to sexually explicit material, or has had sex. It might also be due to environmental factors, like going to a same sex school. In a child not corrupted by sex, the first crush will probably be on the same sex and if it still has not migrated to the opposite sex, after high school is completed, then and only then should parents explore homosexuality as a possible sexual orientation for their child, but only after eliminating sexual corruption and other reasons. Do not force a sexual orientation on a non-sexually corrupt child. Children must not have the idea that heterosexuality and homosexuality is a 50 Ė 50 proposition.Clearly it is not.†† Nature (God) requires that a loving couple, man and woman mate in order for a child to be created.†† It is most peopleís desire to have children and form a family when they become adults. Since nature (God) requires both parents to nurture their children throughout their entire lives; it is best that a loving couple share their DNA.So a young adult must be very careful when choosing an orientation of homosexual.

Women and Communities

We need to get back to small town mentality. We need the people of the community helping each other. We need to go back to more traditional roles, with one major change; women will have the respect they deserve. Men go to work, women stay home take care of the children, and run the local communities.Women can work if they choose to. However raising a child with world peace empathy should be the overriding concern. Children need adult supervision at all times.Women should still go to college and enter the work force, however when they start having children, they should leave the work force.Women can reenter the work force when their children are sufficiently grown. Women while raising their children, while the children are at school, can work locally or they should be encouraged to get advanced degrees, so when they reenter the workforce they will have the expertise to have major impact.

The community should be run primarily by women of the community. They should organize and help other people in the community solve their problems, collect taxes when needed, and make sure the community is safe and runs efficiently. They can help organize community events to bring all the people of the community together. These communities should network with other communities.


Final comments

†† Men are not from Mars, and women are not from Venus.They are both from the planet Earth. We need to end the battle of the sexes. Weíve corrupted our sexuality.God lovingly engineered us. Our sexuality is based on falling in love and providing mutual pleasure. Itís high time we mastered our sexuality. Letís stop fast tracking our children.God willing, they will be adults for 50+ years, there is no reason why they canít be children for 15 years.If we protect our children and get them into loving relationships as soon as they are mature enough, in the next life we can all live charmed lives. Itís called Heaven on Earth.

How did I come about these findings?

††† Well, I am a trained systems analyst. I have spent many years analyzing the World, and the people that came into my small world. Iíve analyzed my life, sexuality, and empathy development, and the lives, sexuality, and empathy development of others.I developed what I believe to be my first crush at 10; it was on a male a few years older. This is quite normal, young boys play with other boys.However this crush migrated to female by the time I was 11 and it has stayed that way.††† I too have been corrupted by sex, but my corruption, relatively minor, occurred four years after the development of my sexual orientation.†† I saw an R rated movie on cable, it was the straw that broke the camelís back, and this hasten the knowledge of sex and the orgasm.†† I was a few months shy of 15 when I had my first orgasm by accident.†† Even after discovering the orgasm, I did not think about having sex with the girl I had a crush on.††† Even today, as an unattached man over 50, I am still developing crushes on women.

All men shall come to know it is love which makes the spirit grow

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing 

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